The 17th Annual Bowl for Jason's Friends was a huge success. We set this unprecedented goal of $350,000 and surpassed it! The success of our fundraiser is a direct result of great community and statewide commitment and participation. We couldn't do this without the generous support of our Corporate, Lane and Prize sponsors and all the bowlers who gathered generous donations for our great cause.


The official website of Jason's Friends Foundation.

Our mission is to assist Wyoming families with children suffering from brain or spinal cord tumors and childhood cancers by providing advocacy, helping hands and encouragement in the face of despair.

Having a Child With Cancer

When a child is diagnosed with a brain or spinal cord tumor or childhood cancer, the family suddenly faces unexpected medical expenses, numerous road trips for medical appointments and treatments and other financial hardships such as, loss of income. Before Jason's Friends Foundation, there was no organized help for these families in Wyoming. Jason's Friends Foundation ensures that Wyoming families will not lose everything they own simply because they have the misfortune of having a child with cancer. Jason's Friends Foundation provides financial support the family needs in order for the family to focus on one of the most emotional and critical challenges in life, having a child with cancer.

Our Beginnings

The creation and philosophy of Jason's Friends Foundation, established in 1996, was inspired by the life of Jason William Eades (April 7, 1986 – November 11, 1995). To read more about Jason, please refer to the Jason's Story page.

We have grown substantially from our meager beginnings in 1996. Originally we had little money and provided more personal assistance with the families such as, fixing meals, helping with shopping. It became evident that our families needed financial assistance. This was when our fundraising event began.

Jason's Friends Foundation

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